Drew Curtis

Painter & Illustrator

My painting uses fantasy to reflect reality. An interior reality that exists in the creation of my art. Characters are found in abstract shapes drawn from my subconscious. 

Multi-eyed Seraphim-women
Machine-like men 
Airplane and car creatures
Cartoon, absurd and alien beings

I call the place these creatures come from --- Acrobania.
It is a word that came to me in a dream that I define as Land Above. Acrobania is a cross-over dimension:  Acrobania –Japan; Acrobania-NYC; Acrobania-Paris.

It is the portal through which my creations travel.

I want to draw what can’t be seen. The unknown. The mystery which didn’t exist before, yet has always existed ---- unseen. Not literary images of the subconscious ---- but literal beings. 

Dreams that are real and exist in the creation of my art. The imagination is just as real as any “realistic” image. What is “made-up” becomes real in the making. 

The power of its reality exist in the relations it carries within its metamorphosis from the real world and the unseen world.

The unseen ---- the unreal, in order to express my sensations of the real world.

I trust my instincts, going forward in the uncertainty of things that are real that rely on my perception to exist.

Drew Curtis
Welcome to The artistic world of Drew curtis